Essay On What Three Things I Have Learned In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Over the past three years, here in Maycomb County, I have kept a memory box of all the items that remind me of enjoyable times or times where I learned something very important. Atticus has taught me a lot about society through his recent court case concerning Tom Robinson’s innocence. He taught me not to label people based on if they are black or white. He taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to not worry about what other people think and say. The biggest thing that I have learned is to be yourself and keep strong even in challenging situations. The first item that I have chosen to keep is my bag of Coca-Cola from Mr. Raymond. Mr. Raymond always carries a bag around, from which he drinks out of. Jem and I have always thought that there was alcohol in the bag. One day after a hearing, Dill and I ran outside the courthouse, to find Mr. Raymond sipping from his bag. He offered…show more content…
One Sunday we went to the "colored" church with Calpurnia because Atticus was away for two weeks and Cal didn't want us to go to church alone. The church was run a little different than ours but Reverend Sykes was very welcoming. Atticus had given us two dimes to put in the collection, but when it was time Cal didn't let us put our dimes in. They announced that the collection was going to Helen, Tom Robinson's wife. After the collection, they counted the money. I thought this was a little strange because it wasn't something that we usually did at our church. They announced that we didn't have enough money for Helen and the weren't going to open the doors until we had 10 dollars for her. Jem and I decided that we were going to put our dimes in. This brought the collection up to 10 dollars and the mass ended. I thought that it was very interesting to see how the community came together to help Helen in a time of need. I learned how important it is to always think of the needs of
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