Essay On Why Government Should Not Spy On Innocent Citizens

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Marissa Kachinske
English 1110
Fall 2017
15 September 2017
Governments should not spy on innocent citizens
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National Security Agency (NSA) regulations and tactics’ is an invasion of privacy, an infringement on the Constitutional Amendments, and fails to keep the private or confidential data of Americans safe from hackers.
NSA surveillance even at a low level is invasive and tells a lot about an individual’s private life. The administration tracks all phone calls to various groups. Any call from A to Z: from clinics all the way down to support groups. If a person identifies as a certain group they essentially have been labeled, classified, and logged away for future use. What kind of future …show more content…

NSA infringes on the 1st and 4th Amendment rights. America was the safe zone: a lot of people came to the United States so that they would have the freedom to express who they are, what they believe, and their thoughts without punishment. Edward Snowden, NSA whistle blower, wasn’t allowed that freedom when he made it know what the NSA was doing with Verizon’s phone records. Snowden did break the law but he brought awareness of this dilemma to the average citizen, villain, and hero. In the end, it caused the NSA to change some policies but it doesn’t even make a difference because still the administration continues to collect data without a cause. Correction: the NSA uses surveillance to protect United States of America from terrorist, terrorism and terrorism related crimes… The agency’s interpretation: anyone and anything under the sun. The NSA took the Patriot Act to a whole new level. Apparently they can search records of anyone (in the world!) without probable cause and without knowledge of the criminal. The NSA can break the 4th Amendment without consequences but God forbid if Edward Snowden makes it known. What is the message Obama gave? Banks are too big to fail and Government Agencies are too big to face legal repercussions? Who fights for the Citizens of America? Where are the true patriots; hiding behind computer screens? Perhaps they are just distracted with media living their lives without a care. The NSA can’t even protect us from

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