Is The Current Version Of The Patriot Act Worth It?

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Is The Current Version Of The Patriot Act Worth It? Like most Americans, I have read in the news recently about the different intelligence agencies of our government, federal and local, gathering and storing personal information on its citizens under the direction of the Patriot Act. Some would consider the information gathered about our personal lives overly intrusive, including violations of our constitutional rights while others may not. However, I think most Americans will agree that the government needs to be very careful in how they interpret the amended Patriot Act. It should be interpreted in such a way that it does not violate the American people’s constitutional rights. If the laws do then they should be overturned. Today many…show more content…
There is also current as well as past evidence that congress has passed legislation without knowing what is in the legislation that they passed. For example, currently our congressional representatives along with the American people are still trying to figure out what is in the new health care law called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Just as the Affordable Care Act so too the Patriot Act. The current version of the Patriot Act is approximately 342 pages of legalese which most American would find confusing at best, congressional intent notwithstanding. Even some congressional legislators of both parties, who sponsored the Patriot Act, such as Representative Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, are now having reservations about the intelligence gathering and potential abuses of the Patriot Act by governmental departments such as the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Central Intelligence Agency. Senator Feinstein of California, also an initial supporter of the law, is also now having some reservations. In the final analysis, I believe we have an obligation to preserve our Constitutional rights in their original form if not for ourselves then for future generations. I do not believe anyone’s rights, individually or collectively should be trampled on. As such, because the Patriot Act legislation centers on our Constitutional rights, it would be appropriate for us as a country
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