Essay On Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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As a student of Vernon Malone College and Career Academy, I recall applying with aspirations to make a difference and to have a chance to contribute more to the world around me. I also yearned to see a change in myself and in my general towards the daily tribulations we as humans face each day. These are the same ambitions that led to my desire to want to join National Honor Society. The dictionary definition of scholarship refers to learning at a higher level, and the discipline and methods it takes to become a scholar. I have always been interested in learning new things. Growing up in Nigeria amidst an overprotective family, I found an escape in books. Through reading, I discovered the meaning of death, and I began reading the words of the dictionary out loud so that when my time comes, I would have said all the words of the English language. As a result of achieving this goal, I developed an extensive vocabulary and a better knowledge of how impactful …show more content…

From the early years when I’d come home imitating my school teachers with a determination to make those around me learn what I have learned, to now where I’ve become talented in the art of communication, time management, and delegation. Leadership is described as the natural skill of leading others to deliberately create results that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. For me, this includes setting a good example for others to follow. It also involves inspiring others and personally connecting with them. This quality comes naturally for me. As an empathetic person, I always find myself itching to help; always looking for solutions, and constantly searching for ways to make situations better. Becoming a part of National Honor Society would create a larger pathway to connect and collaborate with other members in finding the best ways to serve my community. I will maintain self-awareness, uphold my vision, and continue motivating others to work alongside

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