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1. Windows 10 asking for activation even it is a free upgrade

Many people are reporting that once they install a free upgrade of windows 10, it asks for activation. It is not possible for a user to activate windows 10 because it ask for product/activation key and free upgrade do not provide any activation key. There’s really nothing a user can do to fix it but Microsoft said this issue will usually resolve itself after a few minutes.

2. Windows 10 occupying 15-20 GB Extra space

After upgrading to windows 10, you would be seeing around 15-20 GB of space is missing. It is because Windows has given this alternative remembering the way that might want to restore the past version of windows OS. This isn’t a big problem if you’ve got TBs of …show more content…

To solve this problem, you can try.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall driver

· Open device manager and select Mice and other pointing devices.

· Right click on uninstall the driver .

· In device manager menu click on scan for hardware changes

· Also, check if there are any newer drivers available, or coming soon.

2. Adjusting Windows 10’s touchpad settings.

· Open Start, type ‘touch’ and hit enter.

· You can change the delay, and make further tweaks by clicking ‘Additional mouse options’.

5. Internet speed is getting slow in windows 10

It is always a headache when we don’t get the real internet speed provided by our Internet Service Provider. Many windows 10 users are reporting that their internet speed is getting worse after upgrading to windows 10. This is true because windows 10 install so many updates automatically and so many background processes that can not be seen by a user. Microsoft keeps collecting your data and use your internet bandwidth and speed. To overcome this problem you can Optimize Your Windows 10 against spying.

6. Screen flashing and flickering issue in Windows 10

After the update to Windows 10, some users experienced continuous flashing on their screens, they can’t open any program at that point in time.

· Open Task Manager, click File Run new task, type ‘msconfig’ without quotes and press enter

· Click on ‘Services’ tab, find two services named ‘Problem Reports and Solution

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