Essay On Women In Immigration Detention Centers

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This article is about the war on transgender women in US immigration Detention centers. These women are immigrants that are seeking refuge in the United States from their home town as immigrants, because of the torture, sexual violence, and other forms of abuse because of their gender identity. They are to be held in these detention centers awaiting asylum to the United States or they will be deported back if they fail to pass violation cases. Since the United States does not formally have a transgender detention center, these transgendered women are being put into holding cells with men. During this time the men will physically, verbally, and sexually assault them. The caretakers of these women in the detention centers also fall victim to treating them wrong and denying medical care to those who ask of it. HIV-related care and hormone replacement are two of the many medical necessities that these women are turned down from. These women are also for more prone to being put into…show more content…
The same reason the transgendered women are leaving their homes is the same reason why they want to raise awareness to higher officials. I believe there should be no reason why these women should be battered and commented foul things in the detention center. If they are seeking refuge because of a way they are being treated in another country and America is the land of the free, than they may feel as though they should move back. The detention center is the first place where these women have interaction with American people, and the male guards should not shout absurd things and attack them for changing their identity. As the article states, “If the US is unable to supply safe housing for transgendered women, than they should not hold transgendered
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