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“World War 1: Remembering the War to End All Wars.” Momma always said that the war would end and everything would go back to normal, but that was before she died. A house has never felt this empty, I have never felt so alone. Here we are, in late November, trying to get back what’s left of our lives. Daddy does nothing but work, yet we’re still so poor. Jobs aren’t moving very fast here in Nevada, but Daddy still picks up anything he can to earn a little extra cash. My sister, Aliyah is only 14, and she is already looking after the house and taking care of our little brother, Liam, who is only 3. I never saw myself being someone biting their nails waiting to get drafted, but I was. I’m 17, and I sat around everyday waiting for someone …show more content…

I had always thought I’d be hearing the news from her telling me that God had answered our prayers. Although God did answer our prayers, he took what I loved the most. He had took what kept me going and believing. Now, I’m passed those times where I blamed God, because I know Momma had done what she was put on this Earth for. Sure, it still hurts, and it always will and I know that, but I know God gained another sweet angel. On top of the Zimmerman Note, German Soldiers were sinking U.S. ships, stealing the supplies, and taking them into Great Britain. This was the last straw. President Wilson decided we had to enter the war, and we had to fight. But, if he was going to take us to war, he had to give an explanation. So, he did. Wilson said, that this is the war to end all wars. Although, no one nor did we want to enter the war, we knew The President had kept us safe all this time, so we just knew that he would keep us safe while we were in war. I remember walking through our little town of Yerington, and all of the movie and T.V. billboard advertisements I used to see, were gone. They were replaced with German hatred signs. I knew we were supposed to hate Germany, considering they got us into the war, but I never really seen why everyone had to be so harsh. All these billboards and advertisements were trying to do, was get men to volunteer to fight. By the time word had got around, Hollywood producers were coming up with movies against Germans.

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