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We recently brought you part one of this list of interesting facts about Yosemite National Park, which exists in the beautiful California, has been around since the 1800s, and continues to attract a multitude of people every year. Here is part two of our list. Number Eight: Sheep Were a Threat to Yosemite In the 1800s, sheepherders used to set meadows in the park ablaze in hopes that it would aid growth of edible plant matter for their sheep. John Muir referred to them as "hoofed locusts" and brought attention to the devastation this were causing. Number Seven: Roosevelt's Camping Trip Back in 1903, President Roosevelt asked Muir to take him on a camping expedition. After spending some time in the park and talking with Muir, he decided …show more content…

The complaints grew, including reports that there were "more hippies than bears", who, similar to bears, foraged off of visitors to the park. This situation escalated until horseback riding park rangers came to try to put a stop to it. This ended in tear gas, rock throwing, and batons being used. Seven people were hurt and 138 arrested. Number Four: It Was Once Glacial The park has mostly agreeable temperatures in present day, making it a popular vacation spot year round. Up until 250,000 years ago, however, Yosemite was an icy place covered in glaciers. Number Three: The Same Size as Rhode Island Over 1,000 square miles, this national park is just about equal to the size of the entire state of Rhode Island. Though Yosemite Valley is the most frequented area of the park, it only takes up 1% of the property. Number Two: The Largest Granite Monolith on Earth This is El Capitan, the big stone wall that draws in rock climbers from across the world. This breathtaking structure is 4,000 feet tall. Number One: Taller than Niagara Yosemite's Ribbon falls has a vertical drop that is nine times the size of Niagara Falls. We hope you enjoyed part two of our

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