Essay One: ‘To What Is Saint Paul’S Letter To The Galatians

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Essay One: ‘To what is Saint Paul’s Letter to the Galatians a response?’

St Paul’s letter to the Galatians is regarded as on of his most important letter, not because it is usually considered one of the earliest writings of the New Testament, rather, because it gives us an insight into the problem which occurred in the infant Church. Moreover, the letter gives us an insight into what Paul considers to be the essential theological concept of Christianity, marking it in contrast to Judaism. Therefore, it has been traditionally believed that St Paul’s letter to the Galatians seeks to reject Judaism because it is a legalist religion which in turn is misleading the people of Galatia from the path of salvation. However, in more …show more content…

However, the identity of these ‘teachers’ who are attempting to advocate observances of the Jewish law, among the gentile’s of Galatia, is ambiguous. Yet, to respond properly to what or whom St Paul is responding to in Galatia it is necessary to probe the identity of those who came to Galatia. If we do not know know who St Paul’s interlocutors are and what they are saying it will not be possible to understand his letter. However, if we do understand their identity we are confident that we can grasp the purpose of St Paul’s letter and his objections in Galatia.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that these agitators were Christian, as St Paul himself writes ‘they have the Gospel’’. Apart from this nothing else much is known about them. Some scholars have attempted to reconstruct their identity. Some have suggest they were messianic Jews, who had ‘‘a connection with Diaspora Judaism and with Palestinian, Christian Judaism’’. Such opinion is not without grounds, they cite St Paul’s counter arguments about Abraham as their the starting block for their evidence. However, Barklay through his mirror reading of Galatians offers an attempt to reconstructed the identity and message of St Paul’s opponents, by use of ‘the certain, highly prop bale and probable’. Under the certain category he thinks St Paul’s opponents were Christian who wanted Galatians to be circumcised and follow the rest of the Laws, also,

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