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Chris and Stephanie are both felons that got out of jail.Chris was a thief wanted in 6 states and Stephanie is an amazing Hacker that helps Chris with his heist. On their last heist, Chris stole from one of the richest women in all of Miami. Lola Givenchy.Chris and Stephanie both got caught after a failed attempt to steal her belongings.They were sentenced to 3 years in prison. After those 3 years, Chris and Stephanie got out of jail and looked for their new target, Julie the richest woman in New York.

Matt and Stephanie met on a business website.What Matt doesn't know is that Stephanie hacked the site to meet up with Matt(Julie's business partner) to get in touch with Julie because she owns the most expensive ring in New York.Stephanie …show more content…

After a while, Julie really started to connect with Chris so Stephanie insisted that they all go to Julie's house. Julie wasn't very happy that some people she just met today were let in her house but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to ruin the mood. After a while, Chris and Julie Clicked and it seemed they liked each other so they both forgot about the business meeting. Matt insisted that they have a sleepover and again Julie said yes.

At 10:00 pm everyone went to bed except Chris and Stephanie.Stephanie brought Chris gloves with Matt's fingerprint on them to use while he stole from Julie while she was sleeping.Chris took all the expensive things Julie owned while Stephanie hacked the system to grant them access to Julie’s Bugatti Veyron. Stephanie opened the garage door and Chris put the stolen items in the car and they both brought it to their homes. Chris and Stephanie returned to Julie’s house to not raise any suspensions that they’re the thieves. The next morning Julie woke up to only realize all her expensive belonging were gone and she also noticed her 1 billion dollar ring was gone. Julie immediately called the cops. Detective West, Allen, and Holmes were on the case. At first, The police department told detective Allen to search for any fingerprints that could have been left.They immediately checked the garage door handle and found some fingerprints. Detective Allen brought the

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