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I was a person, who wants to be a successful businessman like everyone else until one tragic event happened in my country. This tragic event made me dramatically shift in my thinking, and make me to strongly realize what I have to do for now. There was the devastating natural disaster happened in the North east of Japan on March 11, 2011, and confirmed death counts over 30,000. It was the biggest earthquake in the history of Japan. I could not even say a word when I watched the news that Tsunami swiped whole city away, and it killed tons of guiltiness people right away. I cannot really remember what I felt because my brain went a complete blank at that time. I did not want to imagine it really happened in my country. My tears were flowing …show more content…

I knew she had been having hard time by this devastating natural disaster, but she always smile and laugh with us. I will never forget what she said to me, and I realized we all Japanese have to appreciate to all of who helped, prayed, and donated for Japan. We still have a lot of problem such as nuclear plant, and Japan’s economy got even worse after the earthquake happened. However, people all over the world gave us a hope, courage, and power to get better society back. Now, it is time for us to respond to those expectations. We, as our young generations, now have to be a leader of Japan to make wonderful society. And I am willing to be one, who will lead the future of Japan. There are a lot Japanese, who is still living in the shelter, and who cant even go to school to study even now. I felt sorry, and I must not forget to count my blessings, and appreciate the situation I can do whatever I desire. Consequence of experiencing volunteer, I determined to become global businessman, who is able to financially support my poor country, and make great contribution in an international society.
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Spending the next two years in Boston will help me to reach my dream more because Boston University is renowned throughout the world, and has the broader vision business program, which is the most

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