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Ethics by definition is a set of rules or standards that govern the conduct of a person or members of a group. Ethics involves learning what is right or wrong, and doing the right thing. The controversy: doing the right thing based on a moral principle or doing the right thing based on the situation. Doing the right thing does not always mean the same thing to different people, ultimately; it is up to the individual.
Business ethics is knowing what is right or wrong in the workplace and doing what is right. Doing what is right, is not just the obvious "be good," "don't lie," etc., in times of stress, these values are overlooked. With all the scandals showing up in the press, business ethics has come under scrutiny. Did these companies have
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Within six months, they had recaptured 95% of its market share. "Unfortunately, the courses that might teach students to be mindful of consequences and consider the perspectives of multiple stakeholders are hardly considered mainstream in management education today. Courses on ethics, corporate responsibility, business/public policy, stakeholder relationships, and other "soft" subjects are typically given short shrift in favor of applied analytical tools and techniques, conceptual models and measures of profitability." To avoid a repeat of the corporate scandals that have plagued us for the last five years, it is important to study how business schools are teaching tomorrow's leaders. Focus must be on the integrity of the individual, the company and society. Managers and leaders need to have alternatives to a profit-based style of management.
The blame cannot be placed wholly on the faculty of the businesses schools. Some students disregard the importance of classes on corporate social responsibility. Often, once enrolled in a business program, students seem to lose the idealism they may have brought to the course. Even if they manage to graduate with their idealism in place, many students enter the business world thinking they cannot change the corporate attitude.
Businesses themselves need to lead a charge for a rebirth of ethical business practices. There are companies out there, Johnson & Johnson,

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