Essay on How Ekg Works

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Essay on EKG Replacement for missing work By Mohammad Chenchar EKG is an electrocardiogram, a machine used to check on problems with your electrical activity with your heart. An electrocardiogram machine translates the heart’s electrical pattern into lines that specific professionals can read it. The first EKG was made by Willem Einthoven, a Dutch Java island (now called Indonesia) born citizen. Willem was born the 21st day of May 1860. His father, Jacob Einthoven, was born and educated in Groningen (Netherlands). His father was also…show more content…
At the latter end of the p-q interval, atrial contraction occurs forcing additional blood into the ventricles. At the beginning of the QRS interval on an ECG reading, the mitral valve closes and the ventricles are at EDV (135ml). During the QRS interval, ventricular contraction occurs increasing the pressure in the ventricle and the aorta. When the pressure continues in the ventricle exceeds the pressure in the arteries, the aortic valve opens and blood is ejected. The increased pressure continues through the t peak. The ventricles are now in ESV (65ml) and the aortic valve is closed. Now the ventricles are relaxed causing pressure to fall and the cardiac cycle starts over again. This ECG reading was from a normal tracing. Keep in mind that an ECV is easy to obtain, but there are some subtleties that are very complex. Exercise increases heart rate by a process of sympathetic autonomic stimulation. Sympathetic (adrenergic) nerves increase the excitability of the sino-atrial node and reduce the P-R interval .As exercise continues, the physiological changes in the body are continuously monitored by a number of physiological systems and the balance of activity of the sympathetic system (speeding up) and the parasympathetic system (slowing down) is constantly adjusted. When exercise is over, the heart rate does not drop immediately as the body has to undergo a period of re adaption to return to the resting state.
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