Essay on The Holy Bible - Role of God in the Book of Job

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The Changing Role of God in the Book of Job

The Book of Job shows a change in God's attitude from the beginning to the end. At the beginning of the book, He is presented as Job's protector and defender. At the end He appears as the supreme being lecturing and preaching to Job with hostility, despite the fact that Job never cursed his name, and never did anything wrong. Job's only question was why God had beseeched this terrible disease on him. I intend to analyze and discuss the different roles God played in the Book of Job.

As the book opens, Job is God's "pride and joy", so to speak. Job was free of sin, he "feared God and shunned evil"(1:1). God apparently thinks higher of Job than any other mortal. This is …show more content…

. . "(2:4). God illustrates persistence in his view and allows Satan to do as he wishes, provided he does not take Job's life. Satan, thus compromises Job's health with what was probably the deadly disease of Leprosy. Job, although tempted by Satan and advice from his wife, does not curse God, even though he is aware that if he curses God his suffering will be ended, for he will be killed.

This ends God's presence, as a character in the book, until the end. Throughout the mid-section of the book, Job is in a discussion with his three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. They discuss in detail the Doctrine of Retribution. Each of them states a theory of why God has cursed Job, and what Job has done to deserve it.

God's role in the early chapters of the book went from Job's protector to the tester of his faith. God shows many human like characteristics. As stated before, these include pride, determination, and an acknowledgment of how important it is to be right. This is a somewhat fallible picture of God; unmerciful and cold. He is determined to prove a divine point to Satan, that Job will remain faithful. Thus far Job has remained faithful even though he has been stripped of all of his blessings, and left without a home, a family,and health.

Towards the end of Job's dialog with his three friends, he begins to question God. He wonders why he has been tormented, for he has

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