Estelle Louise Short Story

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“Ain’t nothin’ to be worryin’ about, cause you be hearin’ Miss Ta Rot, tonight be my l-u-c-k-y- n-i-g-h-t- The second Estelle Louise closes the door behind her, the makeshift window blocks Clemmy Sue’s view. While Clemmy Sue waits, she slaps the earphones over her ears, turns the CD player to full volume, and begins to sing along with Dolly Parton. As time moves on, she decides to drive over to the mailbox and check on Estelle Louise. Much to her surprise, the mailbox and Estelle Louise are not there. With darting eyes, she searches the area and soon discovers that Estelle Louise’s home is on fire. Panicking, she drives in a maniacal frenzy, up Estelle Louise’s slippery driveway. Once she reaches the top, she slams the brakes,…show more content…
No sooner, does I shuts that there truck door, I be trippin’ and I falls to my knees in that there mud that be thicker than tar. I gets up, wades to my mailbox, I be stoopin’ to peek inside of it, and I slips again, rootin’ my face in four foot of muddy gooey water. For a mighty, long time I struggles to gets up. In a little bit I does and I just sits there propped up against that there mailbox post, facin’ that there road. I be tryin’ to wipe that there slop off my face and I sees headlights barrelin’ down upon my body. Since I gots no place to hide, I be pushin’ away from that there post and rolls like a rolling pin several times and be landin’ face down’ in that there thick sticky muck. I be holdin’ my breath and I be prayin’ mighty fierce for one of them there miracles. The next thing I knows I sits up and starts breathin’ again and you ain’t nowhere to be found. I near about dies the second my eyes be seeing them there flames gobblin’ up my home. I be high tailin’ it through that there soggy field up to this here front yard and I sees that there Ford be sittin’ in the middle of my precious flower garden and you sleepin’ in this here mud bed” “Y’all be a ninny, I wont sleeping, I be tripping over that stupid mailbox and be falling flat on my face. And you be dumber than a plastic rock cause the mighty man upstairs be saving your lucky ass. Estelle Louise y’all wont sitting in that rocking chair when that truck come barreling through that front
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