Estelle's Diary: A Daily Account Essay

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Entry ten “Life is terrible, and then you die.” Being trapped in Miniluv, the ministry of love, the saying would be more along the lines of: “Life is full of Big Brother, and then you get vaporized.” Because in Oceania Big Brother knows all. He can see us see us through that box, the telebox, no the telescreen, I mean the all-seeing box sitting in the corner of the room, my room, no our room- ~ “Stop now before you’re vaporized” “Down with big brother! Down with Big Brother-” “Shut up dimwits you’ll get us killed” “I know what you’re thinking~” “KILL IT KILL IT NOW” “Kill.” Estelle opens her eyes, her pale blue pupils scanning the area around her. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She looks down at her legs, and sees nothing once …show more content…

Starting to hyperventilate, she shakes the bloody hair off her hands, completely in panic. Frantically scuttling backwards she hits something, someone. Estelle nearly screams at the thought of someone foreign successfully invading her space, but the unknown person begins to whisper softly in her ear, “Shh.... its going to be alright, it’ll be alright...” As soon as the words are said, she feels a warm, comforting air surrounds her, a pair of soft arms embrace her, and a distinct scent that invades all her senses; the smell of her beloved. A sudden sense of calmness rushes over her; no more trembling, no more crying, no more soundless screaming. Complete serenity. Estelle continues to write. ~ Entry one I’ve been arrested for doublethink, crimes against Big Brother... thoughtcrime... but it’s not my fault. Doublethink isn’t my fault, its a problem, I’m defective against my own will. ITS NOT MY FAULT WHY WON’T THEY BELIEVE ME We’re a traitor, also a criminal, also a conspirator. Everything, I’ve committed everything thats what they say. I’m to blame for everything, all of the charges. Am I? Am I really? The thought police, are scary, scary men. Miniluv is terribad, terrible, never please, never. ~ Estelle had been tortured. She was considered a traitor of the country, traitor to Big Brother. All because of that one man, that one man whom she fell in love with and decided to follow with all her heart. Because of him she suffered,

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