Ethical Behavior In The Movie The Doctor

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In the movie The Doctor they showed positive professional and negative behaviors. Some of the positive professional things are that Dr. Mackee told his interns to not call someone terminal if they aren’t dying or are already dead. Dr. Mackee talks differently to his patients now that he knows that he has cancer. Dr. Mackee became friends with another cancer patient named June Ellis. Dr. Mackee helps a patient that had a stroke and that has a lisp caused by having the secure and that patient is suing his practice because he blames them for him having the secure but Dr. Mackee sees that he needs help so he goes and tells him that he will have someone come and get Mr. Richards keys out of his car and that Dr. Mackee will have them left at the front desk. Nurse Nancy finally sang when Dr. Mackee went in for his surgery to remove his tumor. Dr. Mackee finally spoke after his surgery and told his wife that he loves her and then they were happy because they didn’t know if he would be able to speak again after having the surgery because the tumor was located in his voice box and they risked losing his vocal cords.
The negatives that happened in this movie are that you don’t dump the iodin on a …show more content…

For example when Dr. Mackee went and helped Mr. Richards get his keys out of his locked car. Dr.Mackee didn’t have to go help him, Dr. Mackee could have walked away an said “ I'm not going to help him he's suing our practice” but he didn't. After Dr. Mackee got cancer his personality changed and he started acting differently towards his patients. The theme of this movie is ethical because of the way Dr. Mackee changed his mood when he knew how it felt to be the patient, being the one that goes under the knife. Dr. Mackee made the theme of this movie more realistic. The theme of this movie I believe to be is ethical and I wouldn't change my opinion about

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