Analysis Of The Movie ' Patch Adams '

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Medical ethics could be considered a really broad spectrum that dictates the healthcare system. Defined as a system of moral principles that apply values and judgments to the practice of medicine. This however, can become quite tricky when deciding what is morally correct to one person to another. The movie Patch Adams deals firsthand with an aspect of medical ethics. The movie displays Robin Williams as the main character, Patch Adams, as a medical student who believes treating patients with happiness is the best way to help them. (Patch Adams, Tom Shadyac)
The movie starts out with the main character Hunter "Patch" Adams entering himself into mental institution after having suicidal thoughts. His perspective on life soon changes when he realizes his passion is helping others feel better by using humor. Soon after Patch enrolls in a Virginia medical school where he encounters numerous problems with his view on healing people versus the college 's professional outlook. In particular, the school 's Dean has some major strife with Patch. He believes in a strict and business like approach in treating patients whereas, Patch believes humor can heal patients better.
Patch may have been on to something since science itself claims laughter is good for the human body. For one, decreasing the pain you feel and helping your blood vessels to function better; allowing them to expand which increases blood flow. All of which is good for the heart and brain. (Hara Estroff Marano,

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