Ethical Dilemm Conflict Of Interest

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Ethical Dilemma I - Conflict of Interest
A conflict of interest exists when an employee’s duty to give his or her individual business loyalty to the Company may be prejudiced by actual or potential personal benefit arising from another source. While not presuming to restrict the right of individuals to passively invest or participate in other business ventures, the Company is concerned where those interests might lead to conflicting interests on the part of the individual. For example, a conflict of interest may arise when a director takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult to perform his/her work for the Company objectively and effectively. These conflicts of interest arise when a director, or member of the director’s family, receives improper personal benefits because of the director’s position with the Company. These benefits may include Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities.
Based on the procedures mentioned in our text book, our moral choices should take into account our specific duties, any essential ideals that our actions would support or weaken, and, finally, the effects or consequences of the different options open to us. In taking into consideration the last part of the above statement, remember that even loyal non-consequentialists recognize that the likely results of our actions are relevant to their moral assessment and that we have some duty to promote human well-being (Shaw 402).
Determining the morality of giving and receiving gifts in a
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