Ethical Dilemm Ethical And Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical dilemma is an issue that has no satisfactory resolution. A conflict between two ethical standards and situations can result in ethical dilemma. The ethical behavior of an individual is determined by the cultural norms and the societal norms. This develops a sense of right and wrong which helps in decision making. Failure to make proper decision due to ethical conflict results in ethical dilemma. This is a critical decision making criteria that create the complex situation in the patient’s mind and that often involves the illusive mental collision. The mental conflict occurs between the moral imperatives. The subject has to obey one of the moral imperatives which would result in transgression of the other perspective. The constituents of ethical dilemma can be identified by making proper distinction between morals, values, ethics and laws and regulations. Ethics is a cognitive process which relies on rational and logical criteria. Any discrepancies in the ethics and value system can result in dilemma. (Arevalo et al. 2013).
Euthanasia is very familiar in today’s health sector all around the world and has become a comprehensive ethical dilemma in the provision of palliative care that is clearly operated and dependable by the legislation in current health society (Goldney, 2012). Even though the mutual intention of palliative care and euthanasia is to relive the suffering for terminally ill patients, it differentiate by the ethical principles. Euthanasia is an assisted

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