Ethical Dilemma Paper On Gay Marriage

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Mark Omokaro
HUM 103
Prof. Kern
Ethical Dilemma Paper
Overtime, marriage has been a pivotal part of civilization. A man and a woman that are in love with each other, chose that they want to spend the rest of their lives together and they stamp this choice by becoming one in marriage. This is a very sacred ritual, that can only be performed when two people want to merge with the vow of love, piety, loyalty, consistency, trust, care, and to start a family together. In the Bible, this sacred act possesses all the qualities mentioned above but also urges married couples to honor, love, and grow closer to God. In addition, the Bible also urges husbands and wives to raise their family like Jesus would, by abiding to Gods word. In recent times, the traditional …show more content…

One being, Christians who are against such an act. The others are gay-activist groups that second and promote such a backwards movement. The Christian group primarily opposes gay marriage because of the simple fact that the Bible tells us that God condemns gay marriage and tells us that it should not be permitted. Moreover, many people often validate their disagreement with gay marriage due to their Christian worldview. Gay marriage discards natural law formed by God. Not only does the Bible say that same sex parenting is sinful but homosexual lovers cannot reproduce. Despite all of this, gay and lesbian affairs are gradually acquiring reception, as gays beginning to become more vocal, bold, and deliberate at demanding their right to marry in recent times. Due to a sharp increase in acceptance for gays and gay marriage in culture, the debate concerning the ratification of same sex marriage is now more disputed than ever. While much of the world’s population believes that the legalization of gay marriage will have negative impact on the society, gay activists claim that it is against basic civil rights to prohibit them from

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