Ethical Dilemmas And Ethics In Criminal Justice

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Protect and Serve. This is the motto of many police departments and many law enforcement officials across the country. For the most part, the overall goal of law enforcement is the same. This doesn’t mean that law enforcement officers have the same views. Everyone has different views on policies and ethics as they should. His could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. Having diversity in my opinion is a good thing as it pens up many options. In this paper, I am going to share with you my ethical views and what I believe is justice. As a student who believes his future is in law enforcement I have my own set of views on ethics and justice. Events in my life and studying about these particular views have influenced my choosing.
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Our textbook Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice defines natural law as the idea that principles of morals and rights are inherent in nature and not human made; such laws are discovered by reason but exist apart from humankind. With natural law you essentially evaluate what is right and wrong and good and bad. This can be a very difficult thing to accomplish within the criminal justice system. I believe the most notable example of a natural law is murder. The definition of murder simply put as one human killing another human. This act is deemed wrong and bad justifiably. Law enforcement upholds this law but not without skepticism.
Natural law doesn’t come without its flaws. Most natural law theorists believe that we should follow our human instincts and that will determine what the laws are. This in turn will shape our lives as we continue to follow these laws. I believe that is wrong. We as humans need a government and laws made (not humanly instinctively made) to show us from right and wrong and good and bad. If natural law was I place instead of laws from our constitution there would be no medium. Though our constitutional laws aren’t natural laws, there are some if not many that are based on the principles of natural
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Circumstances differ for each case and one case may be more heinous than another case. It is unfortunate that some criminals get a bigger sentence for something then seeing another criminal get a sentence for a crime that is much more terrible. One thing that I despise is plea bargains. Criminals shouldn’t get a lesser sentence for talking. I believe there should be a definitive absolute minimum for ach crime. When it comes to murder I do believe in an eye for an eye. These criminals are taking away lives of loved ones that can’t get these individuals back. These criminals should undoubtedly suffer the same fate as the
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