Ethical Dilemmas Of A Social Worker Essay

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Ethical dilemmas happen frequently in the social work and how one handles them could be the difference on how a clinician keeps their license or not. The problem is there is no way to prepare a person from knowing what situations will arise. Scenarios arise all the time and new ways to handle them is constantly changing. The ethical dilemma can happen anywhere and at any time with anyone, it could be a client, co-worker, and even supervisors. No social worker is safe from them. One however can practice with scenarios and be aware of personal biases. A social worker needs to evaluate each dilemma with the different frameworks and principals to determine which one applies best, anticipate what possible outcomes could happen, and what interventions a social worker would implement. Case Scenario The case involved a 45-year-old gay male who was going through a divorce but was being seen for therapy for a past sexual assault. The divorce was long and messy and being dragged out by his partner’s attorney. His partner’s attorney had asked the client to sign a release of information to obtain files from the agency. The client signed the release of information unknowingly allowing the attorney to the clients entire file, case notes, therapy assessments. Unfortunately, the agency only had one generic release of information that the records department was in charge of. Later, the entire file was sent to him in the mail and caused a problem when the client had seen everything

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