Ethical Decisions For Social Work Practice Essay

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Mr. Pilsudski To begin with, the client whose name is Mr. Sam Pilsudski has an obstructed airway secondary to cancer of the larynx. He is a 67-year-old widower, and a father of one son and two daughters, who is unconscious and terminally ill, if not for a much-needed operation to remove both his cancer and larynx to save his life. However, one of Mr. Pilsudski’s daughters has adamantly refused to consent to the surgical procedure despite the physician explaining that although the operation would unfortunately render his patient disabled without a voice consequentially, but ultimately surviving the procedure to live and recover. Moreover, the physician attempted with rational and clear communication to express the gravity of the rather poor prognosis of his illness to his daughter that in the event of foregoing the surgery, his patient would surely die (Ralph Dolgoff, Donna Harrington, and Frank M. Loewenberg (2012), Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice. 9th Ed; p. 279). Ms. Holiday, a Social Worker at the hospital was then requested by the physician to speak on behalf of the client with all (3) family members to solicit and reach a common consensus for consent to operate and save Mr. Pilsudski’s life. Although none of the family members had a health care power of attorney to make legal decisions on behalf of Mr. Pilsudski, Ms. Holiday none the less attempted broach the issue of his illness and to reassure them that she has seen many people
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