Ethical Dilemmas Of Earthquake

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There are about 10,000 earthquakes in southern California every year (USDS). I would think that it would take a tremendous amount of time to track every earthquake. John, a prestigious seismologist, has just discovered an earthquake that has the potential to cause a lot of damage to an area in southern California. He has developed a technique that detects earthquakes that is 80% accurate. This technique has told him this earthquake has a magnitude of 7.3. This technique has also told him that this earthquake is bound to hit one of four fault lines. If the earthquake hits the san Andreas fault line there is a chance for significant damage, if it hits one of the other three, there will not be major damage. John has an ethical dilemma. He doesn’t know if he should announce his findings. Does he tell everyone so that they are prepared for the earthquake? Does he wait it out to see what happens? I can see why John is having a hard time. If he announces his research and the earthquake doesn’t happen then he is labeled as a fraud. If he doesn’t announce his research and there is significant damage from this earthquake then he will feel terrible because he had the chance to warn everyone who lives in the affected area. …show more content…

One of his choices is he can tell the research director about his findings so then he can decide the best route to take in this situation. Another choice is he can tell the media so everyone is informed and can decide what they feel the best route to take. Another choice is he can keep his research to himself and see what happens when the earthquake hits. John may want to keep his research to himself with the fear of having incorrect information. One more option John can is he can confide in a friend to rationalize his thinking to see if they are thinking the same thing. I think that john is in a sticky

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