Ethical Issues In Vietnam War

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I. Introduction There are truths, lies, half truths, and bullshit - but more concerning still, there are situations where an unambiguous truth is found, and simply ignored or suppressed due to the work it would create if it were widely known. This sort of 'suppression through inaction' is nowhere more common than in the large institutions and bureaucracies tasked with carrying out the functions of the state. Do these political and military institutions have an ethical obligation to seek the truth, even without publicly publishing this information outside of their institution? Is it wrong when any organization, when granted the power to legally employ lethal force, chooses to suppress information within the institution that contradicts the opinions and sensibilities of the leadership?…show more content…
Did the decision to continue an ineffective method of war have ethical implications outside the cruelties common to all armed conflict? Would it have been any better if he US Army proved a more effective learning institution when faced with the challenges of Vietnam? Are these ethical concerns of truthful inquiry unique to organizations employing force, or do all institutions face an ethical imperative to honestly seek the truth, and more importantly, to learn
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