Ethical Scenarios : Ethical And Ethical Issues

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Ethical Scenario Mid Term The scenario presented comes with several ethical issues that can be discussed. The treatment of two clients that are in a relationship or related puts a practitioner in a difficult ethical position and can pose as a threat to the practitioners practice and reputation if situations are not handled in an appropriate manner. In the case of Hillary and Matthew, the practitioner should have considered their relationship when it was first disclosed to them. The ending situation may have been avoided for the practitioner if, when disclosed, one or more of the practitioner-patient relationship had been severed. Because dual or multiple relationships with in a single practitioner’s office can be a serious conflict of …show more content…

While it would violate Matthews trust and confidentiality, she may not see it in that light. I feel as though I may not be able to continue to see him either. I would need to consider my own ability to remain bias in this situation and in the future. If I could not continue to treat him without bias, then it would be best for his own healing to refer him to another practitioner or facility. On the side of Hillary, I would also speak with her about safe sexual relationships since she brought up contraception’s. I would encourage her and any partners to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases prior to sexual contact of any kind to protect her safety. I would inform her further about condom’s and the importance of protecting one’s own health by using methods that are proven to protect against sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancy including abstinence. If Matthew refused to tell her, I would have to tell her that I would refer her to another practitioner that could continue her healing because working with both has caused a conflict of interest. I would explain to her that this is the best decision for her continued healing and the best for all parties involved. Due to privacy and practitioner-patient confidentiality it would be vital that I not reveal information to either party that is specific to the other. Informing them of basic sexual

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