Ethical and Legal Debates on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Essay

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One of the greatest miracles in life, is life itself, but where is life there’s death. So as unexpected as life is shall death be the same, or can we choose on how we leave this earth. Over the years, the laws and ethical consternation regarding the debatable subject of euthanasia and assisted suicide, have been questioned frequently by society. Though the question may never be answered between euthanasia and assisted suicide being right or wrong, the fact of the matter is that people are still choosing their fate.

In America, euthanasia refers to a person knowingly, and purposely taking another persons life, or in a more factual meaning killing someone who in fact couldn’t kill himself. Euthanasia also known as “mercy killing” is in …show more content…

Which would grant the patient death by natural causes.

Whether your for or against euthanasia or assisted suicide, one major part between life and death is the cost of living. The price for End-of-Life care and life support has skyrocket over the past few years because of technology. Although technology has improved over the years on sustaining life, it has not been proving to cure certain illness, and the cost of certain machines can well but medical bills in the thousands. In the United States alone, millions of people have no medical insurance, and the elderly, the poor and minorities are often denied adequate treatment thats needed. Even doctors are being forced by HMOs to lower the care for patients who can't afford it. Drugs for assisted suicide cost on an average of $75 to $100, which makes them far less expensive than supplying medical care.

However, it’s the patient that makes the ultimate decision between suffering with disease, or accepting euthanasia/ assisted suicide. A person has the right to die with dignity, and since there is many successful cases of assisted suicide a patient can only feel confident on making a big decision. For example the death of P. Matheny was widely known as a successful assisted suicide. P. Matheny was 43 and had suffered Lou Gehrig's disease. For several months, Matheny struggled with a decision on ending his life using a lethal

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