Ethics And Ethics Of Business Ethics

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Ethics meaning in simple way for average person is what is right from wrong. According to Chris MacDonald (2010)” Ethics” can be defined as the critical, structured examinations of how we should behave - in particular, how we should constrain the pursuit of self-interest when our actions affect others. “Business ethics is the applied ethics discipline that address the moral features of commercial activity (Business ethics, 2008).Working in ethical way in business has a lot of benefits which can attract customers, employees, investors and suppliers. “Now a days shareholders know that the company they are dealing has morals values and ethical and responsible behaviour and their money is being used in a proper way. When working for a company with strong Business Ethics, employees are comfortable in the knowledge that they are not by their own action or inaction allowing unethical practices to continue (Joseph, 2013)”.
There are major ethical concerns in business people go through such as abusive behaviour, lying, Bribery, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, dual relationships and fraud. “According to the ASAE Centre for Association Leadership, more and more organizations are finding that ethical training is an integral component of their business. In fact, between 1994 and 2000, the National Business Ethics Survey found that the number of organizations with formal ethics training had greatly increased. Now a days a lot of organizations are making their workplace ethical

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