The Ethics Of A Business

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Some themes I picked out from attending college surprisingly are not scholastic but more practical: the great importance of hard work, how to fail and not be a sore loser, having passion for what you do, and giving back to the community. Working hard has always been a principle that I have felt strongly about. Growing up, my parents had chores for me and my siblings whether it was vacuuming the living room, cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes. We were expected to work hard daily to maintain the cleanliness of the house. I mention that because for this project I intend to examine the leadership in a business I would like to own, a daycare center. Owning a business allows individuals to take a sense of pride in their job, …show more content…

55). These daycare and childcare organizations are intended to make the lives of working parents easier and less stressful. By far one of the hardest choices working parents must make is deciding who to choose as a caretaker for their children while they are at work. Whereas some parents have the ability to ask a family member to watch their children or stay home and care for their children, this is not a viable option for many. When a parent does decide to return to work they often look for strong qualifications, first aid training, valid licensure, and development programs in child care providers. Deciding on a child care agency or child care provider that is safe and nurturing is not an easy decision, nor is it to be taken lightly. Child-care providers must provide safety and as much support for the children as possible (Argyle, 1997 pg. 10).
In the United States it can be agreed that there are lots of parents who need to work around the clock to carve out a living for their families. As such, the need for someone to care for their children while working is paramount. There will always be the need to have children at a daycare center. Moreover, there is no indication that the daycare center trade will plunge anytime soon there is always a boom in this business all year round. Positioning and location, as is always the case for determining the amount of customers that patronize a business is

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