Ethics And Prevention Of Financial Fraud

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The Defining Ethics and Prevention of Financial Fraud in the Work Place
Ta’Nishia Johnson
Savannah State University

This research primarily focuses on ways of preventing financial fraud in the work place as well as defining the proper ethics to follow. It elaborates on the ways to deter fraud and what ethics should be taught during training for the job given to an employee. In order to understand the best way to stop people from committing fraud, we must learn what stipulations are already set in place for the crime. Company guidelines for fraud detection and prevention should be set in place in order avert fraud. To better understand why people commit fraud, the study for this research will pay close attention on ethical associations and ethics that are taking place in the workplace. Ethics plays a major role in the business workplace by providing guidelines and contouring people’s behaviors while working. This research paper will disclose the following questions:
What procedures are already in place to deal with fraud?
How can fraud be prevented?
Can new measures and guidelines be set in place to better detect fraud?
How to detect fraud in time to prevent major damage?
Keywords: financial fraud, workplace ethics, detection, prevention, implementation

Defining Ethics and Prevention of Financial Fraud in the Work Place
Multiple studies have been conducted on the topics dealing with financial fraud. The same can be said about business ethics and
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