Ethics Is A Moral Principle That Governs A Person 's Or Group 's Behavior

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Fadi Mardini Philosophy 305 Professor: Christopher Pallotti February 23, 2016 Intelligence or Scourge Ethics is a moral principle that governs a person’s or group’s behavior. Some people are born with a high ability to lie, convince and manipulate other people’s opinions. Some people care only about their goals; without considering the results that it would cause on others. Being able to manipulate other people’s opinion after they have given you their trust is moral; however, it could also be dangerous if it is used by the wrong people, because they might mislead others to do stuff in their favor.People tend to follow those who offer means of satisfying their own needs, wishes, and desires. We look at their experience and we hear their …show more content…

This procedure was going on for over Bernie, in fact, opened up two company that he did not even need one was in Florida and the other one was in new York, he also hired employees and staff and brought computers to make it look like a proper company, the whole company was run by his two sons Mark and Andrew and his brother Peter. These were all fake things he made just so people see. In an interview conducted with him Bernie said” It’s like a money machine, easy peasy, I have never lifted heavy weight. Bernie used his ability to convince people to mislead them to do what he wants. Subsequently, The United States Securities and Exchange Commotion wanted to investigate Bernie’s company because the profit he was giving was “unreasonable.” And also the American Recession pressured everyone to draw their money at the same and it went public that Bernie was not investing the money but just circling it around. That resulted in failure in the company and Bernie was caught for attempting an unethical behavior, Ponzi Scheming. Bernie argued that he did not do anything wrong. All he was doing was legal and he did give people what he promised them. He said “Everybody thinks the worst of me. The only thing I’m happy about is I was able to help people recover … There’s nothing for me to change from. It’s not like I ever considered myself a bad person. I made a horrible mistake and I’m

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