Ethics and The Blind Side

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Many movies and books have moral lessons or ethical dilemmas and the movie “The Blind Side” is no different. This movie will capture many hearts to those who are in touch with their own morals. It is based on a true life story of an African American boy named Michael who lives in a bad section of the city. Michael is slow at learning and keeps to himself for the most part. At school he comes across another boy in school named S.J. Tuohy, who is quite a bit younger but tries to talk to Michael. After S.J.’s mom, Leigh Ann Tuohy, hears of Michael and finds out he doesn’t really have a place to call home, she invites him to stay with their family. Everyone in the family eventually gets attached to Michael and…show more content…
Leigh Ann places many of these virtues high on her list of importance and follows through with her beliefs. These qualities are also related to leadership because a good leader must have these virtues. Some leadership examples that Leigh Ann shows in this movie are identifying strength in others and drawing out the best in others. She does this with Michael by finding his strength of protective instincts and using it to benefit him, and then she uses this strength he has and communicates with him in his terms. Leigh Ann is trying to be a leader in changing her community and its beliefs (“Leadership With You”, 2013). These situations can and do happen in everyday life. Some situations are to this extreme but not always. Little things people do can help change a community. If I were in the same situation as Leigh Ann was, I do not know that I could have been as strong as her. I do have the same beliefs that she posed but I do not believe I have the courage that it takes to be the leader that she was. However, if I was one of the different stake holders in the movie such as faculty in the school, or one of her friends then I do believe I would have been able to do the right thing. I would have backed her up completely and done whatever I could have to help her accomplish the goal.
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