Ethics in International Security Essay examples

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Ethics in International Security Introduction: Since the attacks on the United States on September 11th 2001, governments, corporations, and individuals have been focused on the increasing problem of security. Countries all across the world are increasing security and intelligence gathering in order to protect against terrorism. Though the United States was the focus of the terrorist attack on September 11th, the entire world recognized the impending threat of international terrorism. Because terrorist organizations are decentralized, it is impossible to locate and quarantine an organization in order to disperse the threat. Typically when a country is seen as a threat, the country is occupied until the threat is removed.…show more content…
However, the tradeoffs may leave those seeking protection at a disadvantage. While, it is very likely that terrorists are using the internet to communicate and retrieve critical information, it is very unlikely that the government will be able to locate and process this information efficiently enough to provide any manner of increased protection. This is where software companies enter the picture. Software companies have the access and ability to gather large amounts of information from any machine that runs their software. Any information that is passed through an internet router has the potential to be sniffed for evidence of terrorist activity. However, the extent of information gathering extends much further than trying to intercept information. Government agencies actively pursue information though hacking and tunneling into foreign systems. International software companies are a in a position to make this effortless for the government by providing hidden access though their software. These issues raise a considerable number of ethical questions. Governments must fulfill a dual role of protecting citizens and maintaining good international relations. Software companies are in a similar situation. They must choose between national security and customer security. Software designers and programmers also must consider the ethical ramifications of being loyal to their company or to
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