Essay On African American Minorities

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Laura Kane
US History 1865-Present
Significant Events and Ethnic and Racial Minorities in U.S. History Ethnic and Racial Minorities have played a huge role if not the biggest role in developing America and making our nation what it is today. Almost 50% of the United States population is made of these minorities. Within that minority group there is over 10 different racial differences. We fought wars over these differences and the government had to pass laws because of the racial and ethnic minorities. From the civil war, to the Civil Rights Movement, to us having our first African American President ever currently in office. We have come along way since the beginning. African Americans, not only them but many other groups as well know their self worth and know how much their life is worth and are not willing to give up. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 which made discrimination against someone based on their sex, religion, or race illegal. The end of slavery in 1863 which changed the lives of millions. Native Americans being accepted and actually helping during WWII with secret coding. Many groups may not seem important but are just as important to the United States as every other race. They have shaped America into the nation it is today. America isn’t just filled with African American Minorities and Minorities aren 't just affecting America. Minorities affect every country in a different way and every country reacts differently. The Jewish had to move away

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