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Americanization Is Tough on “Macho” There are different countries and cultures in the world. Sometimes when Americans view other cultures’ values the actual truth becomes distorted. In her article “Americanization is tough on the Macho,” Rose Del Castillo Guilbault examines the concept of macho from both the Hispanics and Americans perspective. The Hispanic view of macho embodies a man described by Guilbault as manly, responsible, hardworking, a patriarch and a person who expresses strength through silence. She describes her father as a man who “handled most menial task with pride.” In a patriarchal society such as Mexico, the man is regarded as the nucleus of the family. The man represents …show more content…

Minorities have provided labor which has helped to build our economy and made America the economic engine of the world. They have and continue to help lay the railroads and build our cities, pioneer new industries and also help to fuel our information age from google to many other technological advancements. For instance, today many Mexicans provide seasonal labor vital to the growth of the agriculture industry in California and many other areas

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