Ethnic Minorities At Disadvantage Of The Labour Market

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2015 [WHY IS ETHNIC MINORITIES AT DISADVANTAGE IN UK] Contents Introduction 1 Ethnic inequalities present in labour market 2 Role of Geography 3 Ethnicity a disadvantage in UK 4 Conclusion 5 References 6 Introduction There has been a lot of discussion about the differences among ethnic groups in the labour marker participation as well as employment status. Labour market inequalities have a major issue which is seen in three geographical levels i.e. country, local enterprise partnerships as well as local authorities. In the following report we try to evaluate the ethnic differences in the labour market participation which includes both unemployment as well as different types of self-employments which have been in practice over a period of time. The focus is also on the levels of disadvantage among the ethnic groups who are employed. The other aspects in consideration are the geography of unemployment as well as the differences which is experienced by minority groups in terms of employment and the occupational status. There are several studies which have shown a negative relationship among ethnic diversity as well as social capital and have assumed that the harmful effect over diversity on the social cohesion. It is said that social cohesion should be harmful effect over diversity on social cohesion. The concept of social cohesion needs to be treated as a multifaceted concept and any kind of analysis in relationship of diversity as well as social capital needs has

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