Ethnocentrism Essay

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In a world with many different cultures, ethnocentrism is a constant threat to society. When horrendous acts of racism, sexism , and disability discrimination are constantly the headlines of multiple news outlets. It is clear that the perils of ethnocentrism are now considered common things to happen. One example of have ethnocentrism was presented in the past would be in 1904 the Bronx Zoo had an exhibition containing a person from the Congo of Africa. The Aboriginals in Australia are also another good example of how ethnocentrism has developed. Lastly in early creation tales there is a common theme of that men are superior to women. Although ethnocentrism has been developing over centuries some immediate dangers include a variety of discrimination, and in result can cause an assortment of violence.

In 1904 The New York Times illustrates what a normal day is like for an african man trapped in his own exhibit, and how the public reacted to it. Since of the time period the public was fascinated about the exhibit. The New York Times describes a normal day: “ Several thousand persons took the Subway, the elevated, and surface cars to the New York Zoological Park, in the Bronx yesterday, and there watched Ota Benga, the Bushman, who had been put by management on exhibition there in monkey cages” ( New York Times). Everyone who saw the exhibit they did not see this man as an equal, if they did he would have not been put in a cage. Ethnocentrism can be blamed for racist

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