Ethnography Of The Blue House

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Ethnography of the “Blue House”: Plano Day Labor Center While making the drive on my way to school, my father decides to take a short detour to go pay his worker. It is early in the morning and still very grey outside which facilitated my usual slumber. This detour meant nothing more to me than simply that of a detour, but it wasn 't until I was suddenly awaken by the car being strangely rocked like that of a small raft in the sea. Being nearly eight years old, I 'm instantly on high alert and very confused. There is a man in the passenger seat saying hello to me as my dad pays him for a honest day 's worth in a moving job the day before, but surrounding the car are about 25 men eagerly trying to speak with my father. Not only was my early morning routine nap disrupted, I truly believed I woke up to a nightmare. As we drove away, my dad laughed telling me to say goodbye to the blue house. After this experience, I simply stated to my dad that I would never return to this place ever again. I was legitimately horrified and pledged to never return. As a kid, I could simply decide to ignore and choose to not care for what I had witnessed, but as I grew up, curiosity and acquired knowledge promoted awareness. I simply became intrigued, and decided to confront a childhood fear. I was not expecting for this fear to then transform into compassion, but while gaining exceedingly more information, I have grown a profound interest that I believe needs to be exposed to in our society.

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