Nazi Soldier's Diary

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Every day is like a never ending cycle; wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, eat dinner, then go to bed. I could never escape it, until today. Today was different. Today was my birthday and I woke up feeling merrier than ever. Every time I have a birthday Mum makes rolls with currant jam, scrambled eggs and my favorite type of sausage, that is the only thing I like about birthday’s. We lived in Sanok, Poland, my parents worked a tailor. I cherish the time that I get to spend with them. I cleaned myself up and went downstairs. When I came downstairs there was no breakfast on our little table, no Mum or Dad greeting me when I got downstairs, the atmosphere of the room was dull and devastating. I do not know why? Did my family forget…show more content…
Which means it has been 2 years since Amos and I were dragged to this wretched place, 2 years since I got taken away from my parents. Ever since then I did whatever needs to be done to stay alive. I did my job, I obeyed, and I kept my mouth shut. That alone has kept me alive this long and with the help of a Nazi Soldier.…show more content…
Also, he was the commandant’s son. He was a handsome man around the age of 18. I was collecting rocks when I caught him looking at me, when I noticed him he quickly turned and went back to his duties. Ever since then I would always catch him looking and sometimes I would look back. Around a year ago I was awake during the night and I wanted to outside. I knew we weren’t allowed to, but I didn’t care. I was done caring about my life and trying to stay alive, I needed to get fresh air. I was hoping that I would get caught and I would get punished, or maybe even kill me. I got up and everyone in my barrack was mostly awake and everyone was telling me not to go. I brushed off what they were saying. I carefully stepped outside. I felt the cold air touch my skin. It felt great. I closed my eyes and pictured I was at home with my family. An arm grabbed me and pulled me to the side of the barrack and interrupted my thoughts. “ Hey!” a man whispered. “ What are you doing out here! You aren’t supposed to be out after dark.” It was too dark to make out the man's face. “ I-I just couldn’t sleep, I needed some air.” I said
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