Ethnography of Basketball Fan Culture

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Ethnography of Basketball Fan Culture Part 1 - Introduction As a basketball fanatic, I choose to investigate how fan culture surrounding basketball has grown and has become such a fan-oriented league. Basketball has expanded and has become a global phenomenon allowing fans to interact with athletes and change the way fans watch basketball through social media. Being a basketball fan where you could only watch your favorite teams games on television and listen on the radio to now being able to stream live games online with your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. There was a time players could only show their personalities by interviews and newspaper but with social media exposure, fans get to see their favorite basketball in another way from just seeing them on the court. In a way, fans feel more attached to a player having to interact with a certain player on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram rather then just reading about them, they get a first hand experience.

Part 2 - Review Of Literature NBA fan culture and its interactions with players have revolutionized the league over the years. Fans only had the ability to either watch on TV or go see the game but now with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, there’s a whole new way for fans to interact with athletes and stay connected. A paradigm shift has taken place in the American culture where fans feel a need for instant gratification. Social media now allows fans to fill their need without needing

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