Ethos Pathos, And Logos

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Writers and speakers must be able to get the audience to listen to them and what they want to get across. The speaker uses three key types of reasoning: ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is the ethics or reputation a person has. This can be shown when the speaker uses their reputation to show the audience knows that there is something to back up their words and that they aren’t just talking to talk. Speakers also use it as a way to show that they live what they say and not just saying do as I say not as I do and this gives more credibility and makes people want to listen to the speaker more. The next key type of reasoning is pathos which is the emotional side of a story that a speaker will use. They will appeal to a person’s emotional side …show more content…

This gives the audience a good understanding where he is coming from and what he is wanting to say which makes the audience more receptive to what he is trying to say. Later he talks about his standard for his basketball players to reaffirm his credibility. He used this as a way to set up his credibility and character so that it is easier to understand what he is saying. He uses Logos too, in the way of showing how he became a better teacher and coach. His example was a pyramid having work at the bottom and patients at the top and it kind of shows the logic behind his practices. He uses poetry as a way to back up what he is saying. For example he is reciting a peace done by a major league umpire which says that “ But when we fail to give our best, we simply haven't met the test”, and he uses this to back up his definition of success. He also talks about how doing your best is success and that it doesn’t matter what the score is that you win this is important because he keeps reaffirming his main point about success throughout his lecture. He uses pathos by saying stories that are either funny or to make them think. This helps the audience to loosen up and pay attention more but also it gets them to remember what he said and how he said it. With the Joke or funny story they remember it but then they remember what he was trying to say with it. This is

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