Eugenie Markham's Lesson Essay

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For a heroine who is supposed to be totally badass and the most feared shaman of all, Eugenie Markham finds herself in some incredibly hairy situations where she is powerless to save herself. What drew me to this book was not only because it was a title by Richelle Mead, but because the back cover of the story read to be incredibly enthralling, you've got a shaman with magical powers and a Glock, fairy kings, a shapeshifter, what's not to like?

It turns out that the book is not what it seems on the surface. I expected a whole lot more action and a less to do with Eugenie's love life, as she alternates between two guys which take up the bulk of the book. Kiyo, the japanese kitsune fox shapeshifter was a one night stand and soon after that she …show more content…

You know from reading the description that there's bondage involved, but I was surprised to find that the underlying theme of the book is domination and rape. Despite being an all powerful shaman, Eugenie finds herself 'dominated' a lot of the time by a bunch of Other worldly beings who want to get in her pants. This happens several times during the book and it is both uncomfortable to read and disturbing. There are also several implied rape scenes, one involving a 15 year old girl, and another involving Eugenie's blood father which I just could not come to terms with as a reader.

Sure, there's a hot bondage scene involving Dorian, but the book focuses more on who wants to bed Eugenie and her want of being dominated than what drew me to the title in the first place - awesome creatures, other worlds, and full blown action. All things aside, I enjoyed the fast paced plot, unique and interesting characters (especially Dorian who gets a few one-liners) and Mead's writing style draws you in. However, the ridiculous plot developments especially towards the end, start happening in such quick succession that by this stage, absolutely nothing was shocking to the

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