Eulogy For Friend

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Connie felt not worthy of her mother, she felt she was less than her sister, yet she knew she was better than her sister June. Connie’s mother spoke about June so positive and so negatively about Connie, still, Connie knew she was prettier and better than June. Connie needed the reassurance even if it was from herself. “She was locked inside it the way she was locked inside this house.” Additionally, Connie feels locked inside herself, she is locked in her comfort zone, where it was fun and games. Connie soon realizing that this Friend guy is no fun but scary games. She wanted to stay at home where that other guy treated her, where she knew she was better than June, where her mother and father could help her. Now, there was no help no light in the day time, all she saw was darkness and evil in Friend’s eyes.…show more content…
Connie, she was a girl that messed around and loved to smile and felt happiness in her skin, and all of sudden a boy comes disrupting her peace, her fun. Connie was locked inside her house, inside a bubble where she was safe and happy, never seeing anything hard or skeptical. Connie stuck in the middle zone, not seen good for her mother, and seeking recognition from boys and not from herself. Connie is forced out of her comfort zone and is forced to see reality and that it is not painted in pretty pastel colors, it is painted in cool, cold colors drawn by Friend. Friend uncertain, old, loud, wanting control and wanting Connie. Connie always locked behind this screen door and no hope outside, but especially no hope inside. Connie had no choice to go to outside blind but seemed like a better choice than inside where it was all plain and
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