Eulogy For Walter

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After opening the presents, one of Walter’s friends, Bobo, comes to the apartment to talk to Walter. When he comes in, Walter is confused that Willy is not with him. He asks Bobo where he was and Bobo tells him that he’s gone. Still confused Walter continues to question Bobo. Bobo tells Walter that Willy took off with all the money. Ruth, Mama, and Beneatha are in the room and find out that Walter used the rest of the insurance money to invest into his liquor store. He gave Willy his three thousand five hundred dollars and Beneatha’s three thousand dollars that she was going to use for her education. Walter is on his hands and knees and Mama disappointingly walked over to him and asked him if all the money was gone and he said yes. Then Mama started hitting him uncontrollably and Beneatha had to step in to stop Mama. Mama looks up and asks for strength.…show more content…
Nothing like money being stolen but I do know the feeling of trusting somebody and they just take advantage of you. I’ve had my share of being wronged by people I trust. For instance, not being invited somewhere or them making plans right in front of me and “forgetting” to ask me to go. All my life I have struggled to find a good group of friends. Whenever I thought I found one they just ended up treating me terrible like I wasn’t important. They always seemed to forget about me and not take my feelings into consideration. I have always wanted to fit into a group of people and have tried my best to accomplish this, but why try to fit in with people that don’t care about you. It’s one of the worst feelings to be left out and see all your friends together and wondering why you weren’t invited. So, I know how Walter must have felt to find out his “friend” was just using him to get his
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