European Interaction Through The Eyes Of Okonkwo

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European interaction through the eyes of Okonkwo

Okonkwo was a great clans member to the clan of Umofia. Through the acts of European expansion, Okonkwo and many like him felt the influence of colonization. “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe tells the account of Okonkwo’s life and the beginning of European expansion into Africa. This paper will explain the story of Okonkwo’s interactions with Europeans, and how they affected the African people. In the beginning of the book Chinua sets up the story by explaining about the tribe of Umofia, and the people who live there. Okonkwo is a powerful native with 3 wives, and several children. The story continues on until he is banished from the clan and forced to live on his mother’s land. During his time there, his friend Obierika visits him and brings him currency from yams sold that belonged to Okonkwo. He learns that during his exile Christian missionaries came to the tribe. His own son Nwoye has been interacting with the missionaries. In the text, Obierika asks Nwoye how his father is and Nwoye responds, “I don’t know. He is not my father.” when Oknokwo heard this, he did not want to speak about Nwoye (Achebe 52). This is the first example in the story where the European missionaries have directly affected the main character. Although Okonkwo did not like Nwoye, this event opened up the story to deeper interaction with the Christian missionaries. These people were beginning to implement themselves into African territory, and

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