Euthanasi An Argument Against Euthanasia

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The topic of euthanasia is an analysis of jurisprudence and has been a subject of debate and expostulation for many a years. Naturally, any form of discussion on the topic provokes emotional responses from the general public and medical professionals alike. In this essay, I shall attempt to argue against euthanasia by discussing the harmful effects on a patients autonomy options pose in regards to euthanasia. My counter arguments for my opinion against this practice will be justified on the basis of the morality in accepting the patient’s valid refusal in accepting treatment and its compliance by physicians; as well as the resulting efficiency of the medical system were euthanasia practiced. I shall begin this paper by citing a proposed…show more content…
When one analyzes the social consequences that would result from sanctioning practices of killing, one notices that it would involve serious risks of abuse and misuse and, on balance, would cause more harm than benefit to society (Beauchamp 2014, 90). If euthanasia were to be legalized and practiced in a society, there are bound to be negative consequences as a result of it. Euthanasia is the un-natural separation that occurs between the body and the soul. The two are in tandem with one another and can only be or should be separated by the law of nature. Un-natural separation in this manner can only bring about bad energy and over time, can be the cause of numerous problems within the community. Despite the restrictions that society were to place on the number of patients qualified for euthanasia; these restrictions and policies would expand over time, with ever-increasing possibilities for unjustified killing and thus abusing the system (Beauchamp 2014, 90). A human being is made up of intellect and emotion whose life is considered to be sacred. Killing yourself by assisted or non-assisted means undermines the sacredness and value of your existence. Struggle is the very essence of life. When you are born, you are gasping for breath; and when you die, you’re gasping for breath as well. An individual has to struggle in order to survive. Status and autonomy is most essential to a person that’s ill or

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