Euthanasia Essay

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Kraig Ekstein Buck, Todd RELU 110 October 27, 2013 Euthanasia Throughout the world there are many contemporary ethical issues pertaining different religions throughout the globe. These issues have been around for many years and are still quite debated in today’s society. One of the most controversial issues is wither euthanasia is right or wrong. Euthanasia is an ongoing topic in religions throughout the world and each carries their own personal beliefs on the topic. In order to understand how the different Abrahamic religious beliefs vary on this controversial topic it is important to understand euthanasia; and understand with all the developments in medical technologies, the true meaning of death has changed drastically over the…show more content…
Many are against euthanasia because they don’t understand the true purpose behind euthanasia. As Ezekiel explains, “Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia should not be performed simply because a patient is depressed, tired of life, worried about being a burden, or worried about being dependent. All these may be signs that not every effort has yet been made.” Euthanasia is a big decision for many people including the patient, the family, and the doctors who have to make the ultimate decision on wither or not euthanasia is the right answer. In addition to understanding the true definition of euthanasia, it is also important to understand the beliefs of some of the oldest religions in history, the original Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism despite the advances in technology, feel the same about euthanasia as they have for hundreds of years. Judaism understands and recognize the pain of the individual who is suffering and the effect it may have on the family, However the Jewish religion still strongly reacts against the compromising of a person’s life and their right to live even in the occurrence of extreme desperation. As explained by the South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, “Judaism firmly believes that only G-d has the right to extinguish life. In religious morality, the body is essentially the property of G-d, and one has no right to decide the fate of one’s own body.” Judaism continues to believe that life is a gift
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