Euthanasia J. Gay-Williams Analysis

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Euthanasia In the debate over euthanasia, the opponent concludes that euthanasia should be illegal because it is goes against nature, dignity, personal-interests and has a practical effect. On the other side of the debate, the supporter concludes that euthanasia should be legal because moral principles, what it really mean to kill, end suffering, the difference between injury and not injury. In this essay I will conclude that euthanasia should be legal. In the article titled, “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia”, J. Gay-Williams concludes that euthanasia should be illegal. J. Gay-Williams definition of euthanasia is taking a hopeless person’s life. He also explains what is considered euthanasia and what is not considered euthanasia. Someone …show more content…

Gay-Williams believes euthanasia should be illegal is because of the practical effects it causes. Health care professions such as nurses and doctors may not work as hard if euthanasia was around for them to offer to patients. It will become a slippery-slope because someone who is believed to be hopelessly ill is allowed to kill themselves. Also someone else may be able to make a decision for a patient who is not capable of making it themselves. We put mentally ill people in places away from everyone because they are considered dangerous. We can end up doing the same for those who are really ill and want euthanasia. Things can start to get serious and harmful for people. In the article titled, “A Moral Principle about Killing,” Richard Brandt concludes that euthanasia should be legal. Brandt wants to know if he can find principles that would be comfortable for those who are intelligent. Also if there is any moral principle for killing someone. He wants to see if they can find a moral principle that people would want for their society, because according to Catholics they are killing innocent people, and that it’s morally wrong. Brandt explains what it is to kill. Killing a human can advance a death or shorten it and killing also shortens a life span. Humans don’t last

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