Euthanasia: The Solution Is a Bad Idea

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Euthanasia: The “Solution” is a Bad Idea
Protecting life is the ethical view of society today, and legalizing euthanasia offsets that. Religious figures have recently welcomed the idea of getting God back into this debate. Ed Feinstein, senior rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, California states that, “It [prayer] recognizes God as the one who decides ‘Who will live and who will die’” (Wood 3). Assisted suicide is a peculiar process and not the intended way to die. Similarly, the constitution of India argues that euthanasia transgresses the right to life in Article 21:
‘Right to life’ is a natural right embodied in Article 21 but suicide is an unnatural termination or extinction of life and, therefore, incompatible and inconsistent with the concept of ‘right to life’. It is the duty of the State to protect life and the physician’s duty to provide care and not to harm patients. If euthanasia is legalised, then there is a grave apprehension that the State may refuse to invest in health (working towards Right to life). Legalised euthanasia has led to a severe decline in the quality of care for terminally ill patients in Holland (Math and Chaturvedi 1).
Euthanasia is conflicting with the “right to life” campaign, and it is immoral of doctors to carry out the procedure. If euthanasia is legalized it will change the integrity of doctors and pressure them to advise other terminal patients into euthanasia. In addition to defying society’s perspective, euthanasia also

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